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About this manual

The Gpg4win manual and exercise module consists of three parts:

"Gpg4win for Novices" is a quick guide to the installation and

everyday use of the Gpg4win software. You will need about half an hour to work through this manual, depending on your knowledge of computers and Windows.

"Gpg4win for Advanced Users" provides in-depth information

about Gpg4win's basic principles and mechanisms, as well as its less commonly used capabilities.

Both manuals are available in PDF format; you can print your own manual if you did not receive a printed copy.

Each manual can be read independently. We suggest, however, that you read both manuals in order to get a better understanding of the software.

==> This symbol references a link to the other manual. The practice robot Adele is available on the Internet. Adele

receives, sends and decrypts encrypted emails. You can use Adele to practice a complete cryptographic exchange as often as you need to be fully familiar with the software.

Adele was developed as part of the older GnuPP project, where it is still used. "Gpg4win for Novices" also uses this very reliable practice robot and hereby wishes to express its gratitude to the owners of gnupp.de for operating Adele.

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