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Installing Gpg4win

If you already have a GnuPG-based application such as GnuPP, GnuPT, WinPT or GnuPG Basics installed on your system, we recommend that you read the Appendix * to find out how to migrate existing keys.

Installing Gpg4win from a CD-ROM:

Insert the CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive of your computer and log in as Administrator. On the screen click on the CD-ROM icon titled 'Gpg4win'. Once the CD-ROM icon opens, click on the installation icon titled 'Gpg4win'.

Installing Gpg4win from the Internet:

If you have downloaded Gpg4win from the Internet, click on the new file (it should be named gpg4win-2.0.0.exe or a newer version). Please ensure that you have downloaded the file from a trustworthy site.

The following installation steps apply to all situations:

You will be asked if you want to install the program; click on [Yes].

The following screen will appear:

If you have other programs running on your computer, close them now and click on [Next].

The licensing page contains information regarding the licensing of this software.

If your sole intention is to install and use the software, you do not need to read this information.

However, if you plan to distribute and/or alter the software, you must familiarize yourself with the conditions contained in the licensing agreement.

Click on [Next].

On the components page you can select which features of GnuPG For Windows you want to install.

To assist you with your selection, a short description window appears when you move the mouse over a selected item. At this point, you may want to check the available free space on your hard drive as well.

The recommended minimum installation consists of GnuPG, GPA, WinPT and the manuals. If required, the remaining programs can be installed later.

Click on [Next].

On this page you can choose the folder in which to install Gpg4win on your computer. If you do not enter a folder name, you should accept the default folder name, which is:

Click on [Next].

This page allows you to set start links for the program. The default setting adds Gpg4win to the start menu only. You can change these settings within Windows at any time.

Click on [Next].

If you chose to add the program to the Start Menu (as per previous page), this page allows you to choose a Start Menu subfolder for the program.

For a standard installation, select the default setting and click on [Install].

During the installation a progress bar displays the file being installed. You can click on [Show details] to see a log of the installation.

Once the installation is complete, click on [Next].

The following page shows the last step of the installation process:

Click on [Finish].

You may need to restart Windows for the settings to take effect. In that case, instead of showing the installation completion page, the following page appears:

At this point you can choose to restart Windows automatically or restart later manually.

Click on [Finish].

And that's it!

You have now installed Gpg4win and are ready to use the program.

Prior to starting Gpg4win, we recommend reading Chapter 3 and 4 of the manual "Gpg4win for Advanced Users" (PDF-File). These chapters highlight the ingenious theory behind Gpg4win's ability to encrypt emails in a safe and user-friendly manner.

Of course you do not need to know all the technical details of Gpg4win to be able to use the program. However, since you will use Gpg4win to handle your most sensitive correspondence, it is probably a good idea to understand the theory behind it.


The following section provides you with suggestions for creating a secure yet easy-to-remember passphrase.

==> At this point, please read Chapter 3 and 4 in the manual "Gpg4win for Advanced Users" before reading on.

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